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The Cross Border Summit is proud to present a lineup of top-notch masterminds who are experts in cross-border trade. Our carefully selected speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are passionate about sharing their insights and expertise with attendees, bringing top cross border executives and business owners in e-commerce to get you the latest knowledge, insights, and hacks to grow your business on Amazon and export B2C e-commerce around the world.

Patrick Zhang

Founder StarMerx

Top Seller of Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Wish, Walmart, Lazada, Shopee,etc.
Ph.D.of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, USA.
3-year in Microsoft USA and 1-year in Amazon-USA as software engineer and data mining engineer.
In 2013, he returned to China to start a e-commerce company, now StarMerx has a monthly sales of more than 10 million dollars. By the end of 2016, the company got financing of RMB45 million.

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Davide Nicolucci

Founder & Director Growth Hack Consulting HK

Davide Nicolucci is a professional Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker since 2010. His international career covers various projects with multi-million dollar ecommerce companies in Europe, North America and Asia.

In 2017, after working for 2 years with top Amazon sellers based in China, he opened the first Marketing Agency for Amazon Sellers in Hong Kong: Growth Hack Consulting HK LTD whose clients are 6

Chris Rawlings

Founder - Chief Executive Officer of Sophie Society Co.

Chris Rawlings help Amazon sellers accelerate sales and profit with PPC. He spends his time helping Amazon Sellers successfully launch products in all major Amazon Markets. He is the Founder and CEO of Sophie Society Co., and is focused on scaling his business which is an amazon optimization platform.

Chris was the founder of 7 figure Ecommerce brand in the spinal health space. It was his experience with this brand

Howard Thai

Founder & CEO of United Integral Inc. and Professor of Amazon

Howard, Founder & CEO of United Integral Inc aka Skque has a Sellers Lifetime Rank of top 100 on on on Amazon.com. He is known as a "Professor of Amazon" and has been featured on The Wall Street Journal.

His current focus is on branding, training and helping other Amazon sellers as an agency. He also helps bigger online retailers streamline their fulfillment, accounting, CRM, and communication processes though the

Zach Benson

Founder of Assistagram

Zach Benson is a full-time entrepreneur, hustler, world traveler, dancer, and connector. Zach also was a round 4 finalist on the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance and he is the Founder and CEO of www.assistagram.us He specializes in creating Instagram campaigns reaching millions. His philosophy in life is to encourage others to reach their potential through the arts and social media. Zach is all about

Michael Hartman

Managing Partner of Innoventic

Michael has a long experience in Marketing and Finance with an MBA in International Taxation and with more than 7 years of experience in company formation in the US. In the past 5 years his focus has moved to Amazon, now being a well-known PPC and Amazon Scaling Expert.

Michael has been speaking at International Conferences in the past three years, bringing strategic knowledge in the Amazon Business field. Moreover,

Ace Estrada

Ace Estrada is a foremost Philippine thought-leader and community-builder in the fields of e-commerce, coworking, and agriculture. In E-commerce, he built and leads the 27,000-strong community of e-commerce entrepreneurs called EcomPinoy. In coworking, he established and mentors the first and largest startup/coworking community in Baguio City called Calle Uno. In agriculture, during the pandemic, he and his wife Andie accidentally built Rural Rising Ph, a group of 40,000 ordinary

Antoinette Jackson

CEO & Founder SuperBee from BeeConscious Co Ltd

Australian-born, Antoinette Jackson founded SuperBee Wax Wraps in 2016. Living in Northern Thailand, she was troubled by the surge of single-use plastic, and driven to develop a sustainable product to tackle this problem.

Antoinette set about creating the Beeswax Solution for her Wraps in her kitchen, at home. After many failed attempts, she finally hit on the perfect recipe and as they say the rest is history!

Today, SuperBee is a

Daniel Lai

Lead Spokesperson, Scale Insights

Driven by the mission to empower individuals and businesses, Daniel has been in the forefront of driving innovations and delivering real-time skillsets in the Ecommerce space.

Together with his partner, they co-founded multiple Eccommerce brands which have consistently delivered 7 figure annual sales since 2017.

Daniel devotes majority of his time in the education sector of the business, with an active cohort of over 3000 sellers across 5 major cities.

Daniel is

Leslie Chong

COO, Scale Insights

Leslie graduated with Bachelor in Engineering (Hons), starting his career in corporate finance then into entrepreneurship.

He found his foothold in online performance marketing and has been invited to esteemed conferences in USA and Europe to share his experiences.

He has successfully built 7-figure eCommerce brand with his partner in the toys & kids product niche and acquired by a US based private equity firm.

He has also co-founded an eCommerce education

Andie Estrada

Chief Executive Officer at Vivixx Corporation

Andie, with husband, Ace, will talk about how they successfully tied these three fields together to help their country by helping its small farmers through the brawn of e-commerce and the soul of social entrepreneurship. They will also talk about how they have made their advocacy not only sustainable but replicable as they respond to interests to re-create Rural Rising in countries like Cambodia, El Salvador and Ghana.


Ash Pemberton

Conference Host and MC

Introducing our Conference MC
Mr. Ash Pemberton

A master of connection and inspiration, he elevates events to new heights.

Flowing with contagious energy and naturally skilled at socializing before, during and after your event. Ash creates an inclusive environment, supporting and empowering speakers for their best performances.

He turns energy into action, motivating attendees and whipping up excitement from a crowd. Aligned as a manifestor of success, Ash empowers others to achieve tangible

Jengis Gonzalez

Co-Founder at Pankesum Trading Company, Ltd

Jengis Gonzalez has had a unique career arc. He transitioned from programmer into a US Marine infantry officer, where he served 3 combat tours, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. After working in Amazon Operations, he co-founded Pankesum Trading Co., a US company that started importing Thailand made goods into the US marketplace via Amazon. This was followed by the Thai side of the business, Terrestrial.

Michael Michelini

Podcast host and blogger

Mike is the host of the Global From Asia podcast. He deeply enjoys sharing knowledge and connecting hard working, global business owners from around the world.

American social media & E-Commerce & SEO specialist being China since late 2007 a true business connector. He is passionate to help companies do business in China, and help Chinese companies to grow in the overseas market.

Currently building a new e-commerce brand live on

Wilson Blues

Founder, Banana Works

With over 10 years of export B2C e-commerce experience from China, Wilson Blues is a veteran at the game.

Learning how to build an international e-commerce business from inside Mainland China, Wilson has a unique perspective as a Chinese business owner going global while also understanding the Western mindset and business tactics.
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Zack Franklin

CEO of AMZ Kung Fu

Zack has ran two multi-million dollar companies in the last year and has spoken across China about Marketing, Amazon, and Sales. He currently is the Founder and CEO of AMZ Kung Fu which is a marketing agency aimed to help Chinese sellers in Shenzhen increase their sales and take their business to the next level.

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